Coronavirus and working from your house

The coronavirus has taken the workplace by storm. All of the sudden we are being encouraged to remain indoors as much as possible. Many employees are now doing their work remotely. So how do team leads make sure workers are doing their work?

Team Organization

There are a few tools which will help keep your workers in sync. Apps like Basecamp, Trello and Asana are excellent for tracking progress and keeping the team on the same page and on schedule.


However how do we conduct team conferences? Online tools like Skype, Uberconference and Zoom are ideal for group meetings. Making sure that everyone utilizes the display feature also means managers can make sure their employees are attending the conference and listening.

Online collaboration

How about keeping the group in communication with one another? Here is where Slack is well-suited. By making it easy for workers to quickly get their communication to the entire group, or a select few, or even just one team member, Slack makes communication easier. The option to @mention also so the appropriate worker receives a specific communication.