Whatever happened to the Orange County choppers?

Wikipedia reports that in 1999 the Orange Couty Choppers customized motorcycle line was established by Paul Teutul, Sr. Reportedly his company keeps close ties with the Newburgh community in Orange County, New York. In case Southern California residents feel they have been excluded unfairly, you will be happy to know that Facebook and several online directories list the Choppers as being a company from Orange County, California as well. Today, residents from both Coasts praise Chopper motorcycles. Several reality television shows have reportedly prominently featured Choppers recently, including the American Chopper.

Jesse James was a businessman who launched a Southern California company during the early 1990s named the West Coast Choppers for marketing stickers and T-shirts. Reportedly the company branched out to produce customized motorcycles within the Long Beach area (which lies outside of County). This company, also, spawned a reality television series. Jesse James, a Southern California native, relocated his business ultimately to Texas.