All about Irvine California

Founded by James Irvine a great pioneer rancher, Irvine is a master-planned city in Orange County, California, United States in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Irvine Company started developing the area in the 1960s and the city was formally incorporated on December 28, 1971

Nowadays the city of Irvine California has grown tremendously with a population of 303,956 as of the 2020 the census has a lot more to offer with attractions and other opportunities not to mention that Irvine California is home of a lot of large companies like the headquarters of the Mexican chain giant Taco Bell and Blizzard entertainment which makes it feel like a paradise for gamers.

Located to the east, Orange County Great Park features an antique carousel and a giant, anchored helium balloon. Visitors can ride the balloon up and get the ultimate panoramic view of the city. Trails wind past ancient sycamore trees in Bommer Canyon. Also the Pretend City Children’s Museum has a kid-size post office, cafe and farm. Impressionist art from around California is displayed at the Irvine Museum.

Encompassing over 1,300 acres on what used to be a former Marine Corps air station, Orange County Great Park features a multi-use sports complex, rotating art exhibits, and freshly picked foods. Other attractions of Orange County Great Park include a kid-favorite carousel and an airport hangar with preserved aircraft on display. Adjacent to the Great Park Balloon, the Palm Court Art Complex features the Great Park Gallery and a 10,000-square-foot event center converted from a former military hangar.

To all of these amazing things and activities we just mentioned above we can add a quick 10 mile drive to arrive at the coasts of the ocean right at Newport Beach centered around one of the largest recreation harbors on the West Coast, here is a list of things you can do and places you can go when you visit the area:

  • Irvine Spectrum Center
  • Orange County Great Park
  • San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pretend City Children’s Museum
  • William R. Mason Regional Park
  • Irvine Farmers Market
  • Tanaka Farms
  • Orange County Soccer Club
  • Irvine Open Space Preserve

There’s more to do but you can get started with these but, don’t forget Irvine is a city that has a little bit of everything. From family-friendly activities to some night life and romantic dinners.